Green APR Control

The APR Control is considered a green device because it:

Conserves natural resources:

  • The APR Control reduces wear and tear on air conditioning compressors by reducing the number of starts and extending run-time at lower power consumption
  • No maintenance is necessary on the APR Control following installation
  • The operational life of the Rawal APR Control matches the expected system life span of about 16 years

Avoids emissions:

  • Rawal Devices encourages customers to adopt HVAC systems utilizing 410A -- non-ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant

Generates energy savings:

  • According to testing performed at Underwriters Laboratories in Dallas, Texas, the EER of an air conditioning unit with an APR Control was approximately 12% greater than the same unit with standard hot-gas-bypass
  • The APR Control modulates systems operating in part-load conditions, reducing the need for reheat
  • Since humidity levels are constant and low, thermostats can be set at higher temperatures resulting in similar comfort levels. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that each degree of temperature increase (when cooling) results in 5% to 7% of energy savings

Contributes to a healthy environment:

  • The APR Control helps HVAC systems maintain consistent levels of humidity resulting in improved indoor air quality (IAQ). When using standard systems, excess cycling causes humidity levels to fluctuate due to standard design features.

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