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White Paper Helps Solve Building & Facility Humidity & Tenant Comfort Issues

Jun 4, 2013

WOBURN, MASS.June 4, 2013 — A new white paper written for building and facility managers explores the challenges of — and provides the solutions to resolve — tenant complaints about the issues of high humidity and inconsistent indoor temperature. The new paper — The Insider’s Guide to Humidity Control and Tenant Comfort is now available to download.

With people spending 90 percent of day indoors — in schools, offices, libraries, hotels, and other large facilities — it’s critical for commercial buildings to achieve indoor air quality and environmental comfort. Moreover, improving a building’s ability to deliver tenant comfort can yield benefits for facility owners — including improved system reliability, decreased maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency, notes “The Insiders Guide.”

Managers may choose from a variety of technologies increase the responsiveness of a commercial AC system to environmental changes inside and outside the building. In the paper, the various challenges of high building humidity and poor temperature control are reviewed. Remedial options are outlined, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. The paper also reveals how selecting the right solution can not only resolve humidity and tenant comfort issues — but reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Download The Insider’s Guide to Humidity Control and Tenant Comfort,” from Rawal Devices, Inc.

Rawal Devices is the manufacturer of highly efficient and cost-effective solutions that solve temperature and humidity control problems in industrial, institutional, and commercial building applications. Rawal’s APR Control makes any standard air conditioning unit a variable-capacity system. The Rawal device permits the system to extend the cycle of operation, continuously matching capacity to changing load conditions while keeping the system in a dehumidifying mode. Rawal’s unique combination of technology, expertise, and service ensures proper temperature and humidity control for greater indoor comfort, air quality, and energy savings. For more information, visit the website at

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