Rawal Devices’ APR Control makes any standard A/C unit a variable-capacity system — extending its cycle of operation and continuously matching capacity to changing load conditions. APR Control helps to meet customer comfort needs by improving temperature and humidity control while achieving greater energy savings. 

All Air Conditioners Are Oversized!

The Unavoidable Design Flaw


Most AC systems are oversized and often fail temperature and humidity control demands. This oversizing is a necessary evil to absolutely ensure basic cooling demands are met. But the tendency of oversizing leads to short cycling – a phenomenon that causes humidity control challenges, air quality problems, as well as reliability and maintenance issues in standard staged dx air conditioning equipment. 

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Resolving Customer Complaints for High Humidity

By Jason Santos



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APR Control by Rawal Devices

Continuous Capacity Modulation

The APR Control makes a staged air conditioning system perform like a variable capacity unit.
Applicable to new and existing in-place dx air conditioning equipment can create a variable capacity system with capacity modulation of as much as 75% on systems of all sizes and configurations.

The APR Control enhancement has been a proven solution since 1993.

When VAV, or other low load conditions (such as reduced occupancy, change in solar gain, infiltration and ventilation requirements) are required, systems with APR Controls can modulate and operate at low load conditions with no risk of damage (long or short term) to system components.

When the capacity of a system increases under lower operating (ambient) conditions, the additional capacity does not contribute to typical compressor cycling and often resulting increased humidity.

Recently conducted controlled environment energy testing showed the APR Control, a compression ratio reducing device, saved energy when operating at low load conditions!
Rawal Devices is the manufacturer of highly efficient and cost-effective solutions (including the APR Control and APR-E Valves) that solve temperature and humidity control problems in commercial, industrial and institutional building applications. Our combination of technology, expertise and customer service ensures proper temperature and humidity control for greater comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficient performance.

And it provides an excellent return on your investment!

Training Center

Learn how the APR Control can offer a solution to sizing and design system challenges in both new jobs and retrofit applications.

Pre-Installation Training

APR Control Product Presentation

15 Minute APR Introduction

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The APR Control Resolves High Humidity Complaints

The APR Control has the ability to modulate system capacity to the ever-changing load conditions in the space, while eliminating or significantly reducing excessive cycling that leads to a rise in the space relative humidity. 

                                                                                                 Published & Reprinted from June 2020 RSES Journal

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