Air Conditioning:

The Inevitable Design Flaw

Most AC systems are oversized for satisfactory temperature control. But oversizing leads to short cycling – a phenomenon that causes humidity control, air quality, reliability, and maintenance problems.

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See why the APR Control meets GREEN PRODUCT qualifications
See why the APR Control meets
GREEN PRODUCT qualifications.

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Rawal Devices

Rawal Devices is the manufacturer of highly efficient and cost-effective solutions that solve temperature and humidity control problems in industrial, institutional, and commercial building applications. Our APR Control makes any standard air conditioning unit (usually below 100 tons) a variable-capacity system. The Rawal device permits the system to extend the cycle of operation, continuously matching capacity to changing load conditions while keeping the system in a dehumidifying mode. Our unique combination of technology, expertise, and service ensures proper temperature and humidity control for greater indoor comfort, air quality, and energy savings.


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