The APR Control’s unique technology can be utilized to improve a wide range of HVAC applications:

Comfort and indoor air quality

The APR Control provides modulation for humidity control, the benefit of extended runtimes, and the ability to maintain a system in a dehumidifying mode. This allows a simple single-stage DX system to respond to a variety of operating conditions to solve a wide range of indoor air quality problems.

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System reliability and longevity

A system that can modulate capacity also benefits from higher reliability and fewer operating problems because less stress is placed on the system’s compressor. Short cycling, low airflow from dirty filters, and other problems with the system can easily be corrected. As a result, the APR Control can reduce call-backs and warranty issues, even on new systems!

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Improved system and overall application efficiency

The ability to modulate system capacity to match lower loads results in a lower compression ratio. This means the compressor has to do less “work.” We have seen selected applications produce significant drops in amperage draw versus full-load conditions. Ultimately, when comparing energy efficiency in part-load operation, the APR Control is more energy efficient than standard hot-gas bypass (to the evaporator coil) by about 12% to 15%, depending on operational conditions and system applications.

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