Case Studies

Since the APR Control was introduced to the HVAC market in the early 1990s, customers have installed the devices on a wide range of applications and systems. Tests have been conducted that validate the control’s effectiveness and demonstrated the positive impact of retrofitting DX air conditioning systems.

Among the benefits provided by APR Control enhancement include better capacity control and modulation for greater space comfort and maintaining lower humidity levels, managing load fluctuations in high-percentage outside air systems and protecting the refrigerant circuit in variable air volume. The results we have seen show a significant improvement in energy efficiency when compared to reheat systems as well as standard hot gas bypass (as typically piped to the evaporator coil) in both package and split-system applications.

The following case studies demonstrate these results:

Angiotech Cleanroom

Stabilizing cleanroom humidity and temperature problems by installing APR Controls.

Turbo Power & Marine, United Technologies

Installing a single control and system proved more effective than two separate systems.

Sheraton World Resort

Solving humidity control issues to eliminate mold and mildew odors.

Underwriters Laboratories Testing Program

Independent evaluation of APR Control performance.

Oak Ridge Center for Manufacturing

Testing the APR Control

Angiotech Electronic Valve Test/Performance

Lowering humidity in an office environment.