The APR Control is NOT Hot Gas Bypass

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Energy Efficiency

The APR Control provides alternative design strategies that have been proven to reduce total power consumption of a new or existing system installation/design.

Direct Savings

The APR Control provides direct compressor power savings.

  • Reduces compressor lift in direct expansion (DX) systems
  • Reduces needed horsepower for the refrigeration effect
  • Reduces kw/hour – true load matching using only the amount of power needed to cool the load
  • Reduces cycling – (hard starts = higher amp draw) decreases billable kw

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Indirect Savings

An APR Control enhanced system allows for total system optimization without the need for complicated control strategies.

  • Supply air temperature reset control strategies with the APR-E
  • Humidity control for easier comfort
  • Higher thermostat set point
  • Minimize or eliminate reheat
  • Single/ Multi-zone VAV systems

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