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An elegant cost-efficient solution, the APR Control has been successfully used in a variety of settings. While buildings may have vastly different purposes, the demand for air quality, system reliability, and energy efficiency span most design and functional circumstances.

The Rawal Device APR Control is sold in three major building markets:


Space dedicated to manufacturing, production, assembly, or other functions. This space might be open, such as an equipment assembly line, or tightly controlled, such as a pharmaceutical cleanroom.

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Space that is primarily occupied by people. They might be in rooms (school classrooms), climate-controlled spaces (surgery suites, imaging centers), or large public areas with varying loads (cafeterias, gymnasiums). In certain cases, there might be long periods of time with a low load, such as summer vacation at a school.

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Business space primarily occupied by people, but at times also used as computer or server rooms. Here, occupancy is typically year-round, although it can significantly fluctuate if there is downsizing and large-scale layoffs. Any significant change in occupancy results in load changes which affect the HVAC systems.

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