Rawal Devices has had great success in providing solutions to a wide variety of clients with industrial facilities. Our typical customer is seeking solutions with the following demands in mind:

  • Low humidity
  • Constant temperature
  • Dramatically fluctuating load conditions
  • Air-flow fluctuations
  • Reliability

Industrial space requires the management of temperature and humidity to levels that will enable the manufacturing process to be most efficient and productive with the least amount of downtime. Performance and reliability of direct expansion systems can be a challenge with downtime potentially impacting productivity and profitability.


At a major pharmaceutical manufacturer of suppositories, temperature fluctuations led to product cracking during the cooling process. The APR Control smoothed system operation and reduced cycling to maintain proper temperature levels for less dramatic temperature swings in the cooling machine.

A chocolate manufacturing company in Connecticut experienced wide fluctuations in the cooling systems serving its production space, which resulted in the loss of saleable product. The APR Controls applied to its systems improved the humidity levels in the space.

At water treatment facilities in Texas, lab spaces required high ventilation and outside air introduction. The APR Control enabled better performance and part-load control for these types of spaces.

The Rawal APR Control is currently being used in the following industries: