Rawal Devices manufactures the APR Control and the APR-E Valve for a variety of refrigerants in many different sizes.

APR Model # Modulation Capacity
APR-410-1 1.5 tons
APR-410-2 2.5 tons
APR-410-3 3.5 tons
*APR-410-5 5.5 tons
APR-410-6 6.5 tons
APR-410-10 10 tons
View the APR-410A Spec & Dimension Sheet for more details
Also available for R-22 and for our Electronic APR-E Valves

*Please note the APR-410-5 has a different factory setting and adjustment range from all other models

Also consider our electronic APR-E Valve for precision discharge air or BAS control.

We highly recommend consulting with Rawal engineers for assistance in ensuring proper sizing and selections. We offer APR controls for a vast array of alternative refrigerants for many specialty applications


The Rawal APR Control provides continuous capacity modulation for all sizes and configurations of air conditioning systems. By matching system capacity to continuously changing load conditions, the APR Control-enhanced system is able to maintain better comfort conditions, as well as provide a number of unique solutions that standard air conditioning systems (usually below 100 tons) are unable to achieve.

An air conditioning system with the Rawal Devices APR Control is a variable-capacity system that provides continuous capacity modulation. The device will allow the system to extend the cycle of operation, continuously matching the system’s capacity to the changing load conditions while keeping the system in a dehumidifying mode. The net effect is that both temperature and humidity are more accurately maintained and the space is more comfortable.

The APR Control has been applied to numerous air conditioning applications for a wide range of solutions. From residences to hospitals, computer rooms to offices, pharmaceutical clean rooms to manufacturing facilities, the APR Control has always provided the solution.

Keep in mind we offer APR Controls for a vast array of alternative refrigerants for many specialty applications, such as:

  • Chillers
  • Discharge Air Control
  • Indoor Agriculture
  • Wine Cellars
  • Degreasers
  • Alternative refrigerants like R404A. R134A, R407C, and many more.

Of course there are many other specialty applications requiring continuous capacity modulation; don’t limit yourself, talk to our engineers to facilitate your success.

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Download Our APR Control and APR-E Valve Sales Sheets